Dahilayan Forest Park – Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Dahilayan Forest Park was one of the places that I am glad I experienced with my family and to stay there overnight makes it more exciting. Going there was very convenient thanks to Magnum Express @ Limketkai Mall. For those without vehicles, you can reserve seats at Magnum Express Shuttle. They have vehicles coming up at 9am daily from their station at Limketkai Mall and going back to cdo at 4:30pm so going back and forth is very convenient.

We reserved for a Forest View Room (Good for 4 persons) which I think was one of best spots you could choose. You would get like a 270 degree, overlooking view of the whole area. The room also has a good wifi connection and Cable TV reception.

The view from the Family Room Terrace.

Spending the night there was totally peaceful. You would get overwhelmed by the sound of nature. You would see the clear night sky, the forest vanishes completely, and the outline of the mountains is very clear due to the illumination of the moonlight and the stars. I would imagine if there was a full moon It would be much more beautiful. A view you don’t see often living in the city.

Waking up in the morning you would be greeted by this cold, fresh air as you open the curtains. Take a deep breath as you see the sunlight hit the trees below. Waiting for you at the restaurant is a free meal for the family. The menu isn’t as expensive as I thought it would be. The food is actually good too.


Now we have a full day for exploring and the first place we went to is the park. The best part of this place are the tall trees surrounding you.


The forest was a downhill slope where all the tables, cottages and the statue animals are also located. This is where people love to gather even in a hot day. The area is just refreshing.

20160807_121540There are footpaths going down the slope and then leading to several areas of the park for everyone to explore.20160807_121654 (1)

We saw beautiful flower gardens and fish pools during our stroll but when we got to the open area in the middle of these forest attractions, we saw that the view is just great as we’ve see it from our room.


The day was spent exploring the area. Unfortunately it was raining late in the afternoon so we had to go back to our room early. Nevertheless, we still have the next day to enjoy and explore more of the place.

We woke up early to have breakfast and the most unique of things happened after. We found out that some locals actually will offer a horse ride for a very cheap price just outside the entrance of the park, right at the open space where you could see the untouched forest and mountains under the rising sun. Definitely the highlight of the day.




Then we took some time to enjoy at the playground where all of the people are. We bought some items for ourselves, see people come in and enjoy the attractions as we waited for the transportation service to take us back home.

We know that to fully enjoy this get away, You have to go to the Adventure Park and try their attractions, from base jumping, Zipline (they do have the Asia’s  longest zipline), Canopy Glider and so much more, but my parents were just fine seeing all of these, whats important for me was some quality time with family, and that is what matters most. You could check out all their attractions and accommodation details from their websites at http://www.dahilayanadventurepark.com and www.dahilayanforestpark.com. 

This is a place you guys should definitely check out with family and friends!

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