Mactan Island Hopping Escapade – Cebu

As part of the yearly tradition, Our company has something special for us for our summer outing: an island hopping experience at the Mactan Islands.

ScreenHunter_115 May. 19 22.09
The islands we visited: Sta. Rosa Islands, Sulpa Island and the Pandanon Island.

Everything was arranged by our HR manager, from expenses, renting of the two boats we used (we were about 50~60 people) and the lunch. So I didn’t really mind of all of these and just focused on enjoying the experience. It was a very exciting day from the start, at least for me since it was my first time to really hop on different islands. I think the only experience near to this was my previous visits at our own White Island in Camiguin.

Our first stop was supposed to be at Sta. Rosa Island but the tide was very low. The boat crew suggested that we proceed to Sulpa Island immediately to save time and come back later when the tide rises.

We arrived at Sulpa Island lateScreenHunter_112 May. 19 21.57r and our boat only had to set anchor near its shallow waters. I actually thought that we would set foot on the islands. I was able to enjoy the view and we swam across the boats for fun but other than that, that was it. Its has been a while that I’ve tested my cardio swimming for a long time. The current was really strong but we still did it. It was challenging and I really enjoyed it. I’ve done it almost everyday way back early high school days.

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The main highlight of the three was definitely Pandanon Island.

ScreenHunter_113 May. 19 21.58

Looking at its white sandy beach and the coconut trees I already found similarities with Mantigue Island at Camiguin but the long stretch of the white sand was like the White Island, so it was a little bit of both, which was beautiful.


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We hIMG_2306ad our lunch at one of these floating restaurants which was a very unique and new experience for me. After a long, enjoyable morning for swimming we were definitely hungry and the food was great. Definitely gave us a full and satisfied stomach.

We then returned to Sta. Rosa Island but this time we did something different. The water was still shallow enough to stand on it so we looked for any sea urchins. We found a few including a big starfish. it’s been a while since I’ve done these things.

We went back to the docks as it was getting late. To end the day, we went to the recently talked about new places in Cordova, the 10,000 Roses Cafe. Took a few pictures and videos of the beautiful white roses, dancing freely in the wind with the setting sun in the background. The place was indeed beautiful, much more when the roses was finally lighted up. I really recommend visiting the place, but worth noting is the the sea breeze brings this bad odor from somewhere. I don’t know where its from, maybe some near area, or from the dirty sea itself. Its tolerable, but you’ll know when you go there.


Then that was it. They dropped me off in the highway near the old bridge. I was so tired but overall it was a damn great day. I immediately passed out when I got home and to my bed.

For all of you who haven’t tried Island hopping in the Mactan Islands, It was a really great first-time experience. I know there are more islands that we could have visited but simply we didn’t have the time to go through all of the wonderful islands there. It would take a few days to totally enjoy all of it but still, It was a memorable summer escapade.

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