World Big 4 Resort and Zaragosa Island – Badian, Cebu

ScreenHunter_120 Jun. 11 21.20
Route to Badian and Zaragosa Island.

We just spent the company’s Team building outing at Badian, Cebu for 2 days and 1 night. We have some exciting things from our itinerary but I didn’t expect it to be much more. We

had a transport service (Van) rented for a 3 hour ride from Cebu City to Badian and vice versa. For me, everything is new as we travel towards Badian. Seeing all the great views from the windows and having some fun conversations with your colleagues is what makes these long rides awesome.


We arrived at the place where we got to spend the night, The World Big 4 Golf Club and Resort. The place was beautiful and serene. Entering the place you could see a beautiful sight of the beach and the sea down below.



From Below.
IMG_2869 (1).jpg
The Pool and the Suite Rooms


We were about 30+ people in all so we had to rent the biggest suite rooms available. Their rooms were large, had enough space for all our things and most importantly, the bathrooms were clean and they had tubs, which was nice.

Inside the Suite room. The room connects to the next one as seen by the door on the far end.

During our stay we had to go to Zaragosa Island, which was actually the most exciting part of the itinerary, for me. The only way to go there was through rented boats. The thing is, we only rented 1 available boat. The good news is that it could accommodate all of us in one go but the boat has no outrigger, which was worrying to be quite honest, but the weather was good enough and we were able to go to Zaragoza Island with no problems at all. It was fun.


The boat we rented.

After all the fun and moments at Zaragoza, the trip back to mainland was actually one of my all time favorites. We had to take a much closer and different route. It happens to be going through a mangrove forest. I was sitting at the back end of the boat so I was in a very nice position to see it all. It was overwhelmingly beautiful.


At the end of the trail was where the boats are docked but apparently, there was a pool in there, I can see there was a cottage as well so people actually take a bath in there. So, It was a good idea to hop in after all the fun we had at the Island. The perfect refresher we all needed.


We finished the whole Team Building Activities the next day saying everything was definitely worth it. The place, the activities, the food, the fun we shared, everything was fulfilling. I’m really thankful for everyone for the preparation and the people organizing this event after all the stresses at work. Definitely a true weekend adventure.

These were the highlight of the whole trip that I could  share. Have you every tried something like this before? Have you ever been to this World Big 4 Resort and Zaragosa Island? Share your experience below! Thank you for reading this article.

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