Kawasan Falls | Badian, Cebu

You might have heard of the famous tourist attraction from the south of the Queen City. Kawasan Falls attracts both local and tourists because of its clean, Turquoise waters and also its exciting Canyoneering adventures. This blog is a comprehensive guide especially for 1st-time adventurers.

How to go to Kawasan Falls

At the South Bus Terminal

Cheapest option is to go to the Cebu South Bus Terminal (N. Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City) and ride the Bus from Ceres Liner, in which they offer Air-conditioned and Ordinary Bus options.

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It is important that you ride Bato via Barili route and not Bato via Oslob or otherwise your route will be going to the east side of Cebu. Normally, travel time using this route is between 3 to 4 hours depending on traffic conditions. So if you want to maximize your time, I advise that you go early in the Morning so that if you don’t plan to spend your night in Badian, you still have enough time to travel back to Cebu City during the day.

Fare for Air-Conditioned Ceres Bus is only 170 Php and is very comfortable. There will be stops along the route where the drivers allow the passengers for bathroom breaks. Also, there will be vendors at the stops, so if you are hungry, you can have something to eat during the long travel.

Important Tip: Want to enjoy the best view during the travel? Sit on the right side of the Bus. You will enjoy  the best view of the mountains and the sea on this side 🙂

Kawasan Falls Main Road Entrance

The good thing about the travel Kawasan Falls adventure is that it is very convenient and accessible to the public. Once you arrive at Badian, remind the Bus conductor to stop at Sto. Tomas De Villanueva Parish, which is the landmark beside the Entrance to Kawasan Falls just on the Main Road.

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The Road to Kawasan Falls

From the main road entrance, you will have to take a 15 to 20 minute walk where you also have to pay 45 Php for the Admission Fee. Along the road you will then see beautiful flowing river and wonderful views that will lead you to the falls. The road is safe and easy since usually there are a lot of people you’re gonna walk with and it is usually crowded. Thus it is not a problem for young kids and the elderly to walk here during the daytime. You have to be more careful though especially when its getting dark as there are only limited lights along this road.

Authorized vehicles like the Habal-habal (Motorcycle) can take you further beyond this point but only halfway through the trail. You will have to walk another 5-10 mins to reach the Falls.
River from the Falls will be visible and will guide you through along the trail.

Arriving in Kawasan Falls

When you arrive in Kawasan Falls, you will see tents and cottages for rent just near the water. The also have lockers where you can put all your belongings,  rooms to spend the night, swimming accessories, all for rent. If you are hungry, they also have cafeteria where you can buy food, snacks, and drinks. Their meals usually cost about 180 Php (good for two people) but you can always ask for half serving. Price range for snacks and drinks would be about 40 Php to 150 Php range. 

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There are 3 Waterfalls, or should we say, Levels in Kawasan. The 1st one is the lowest area where most of the people will stay. If you go further to the 2nd and 3rd levels, you will still have nice views and nice waters and it will be less crowded in these areas. Just be careful when going up or down the levels, the ground and trail could get slippery due to the water and mud, especially when its raining.

The first level of the Kawasan Falls
The first level of the Kawasan Falls
Tents and Cottages are available upon arrival.

Some images of the upper levels belos:

Spending the Night in Kawasan Falls

If you also wish to spend the night here, they have available big rooms for families (4 to 5 people) and smaller rooms (good for 2). Air-conditioned rooms and ordinary rooms are available (with ceiling fans). I spent the night there for 1000 Php using the small room. Normal price for good-for-2 rooms is 1300 but I managed to convince them for a lower price since I was alone during this trip. The rooms has enough space, large bed and a table but it doesn’t have a window and the bathroom is shared to other rooms.

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Tip: They will allow you to dip into the water and take a bath during nighttime but only on the shallow areas and near the lights where the guards and caretakers can see you.

You can also find rooms along the main road in Badian. Some even cheaper, I’ve known people who found rooms for rent for just 250Php, but this is a shared room with other people and the beds are bunk type.

Going back to Cebu City

Once you are done with your Kawasan experience, you can just return to the main road and wait for a passing bus on route north back to Cebu City with the “CEBU” sign in the windshield. I asked the locals and they said that the last hours to find a Bus returning to Cebu in the evening is about 7PM to 8PM. To be sure, if you want to return to Cebu within your day trip, be sure to catch a bus before sundown.






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