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Kawasan Falls | Badian, Cebu

You might have heard of the famous tourist attraction from the south of the Queen City. Kawasan Falls attracts both local and tourists because of its clean, Turquoise waters and also its exciting Canyoneering adventures. This blog is a comprehensive guide especially for 1st-time adventurers.

How to go to Kawasan Falls

At the South Bus Terminal

Cheapest option is to go to the Cebu South Bus Terminal (N. Bacalso Avenue, Cebu City) and ride the Bus from Ceres Liner, in which they offer Air-conditioned and Ordinary Bus options.

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It is important that you ride Bato via Barili route and not Bato via Oslob or otherwise your route will be going to the east side of Cebu. Normally, travel time using this route is between 3 to 4 hours depending on traffic conditions. So if you want to maximize your time, I advise that you go early in the Morning so that if you don’t plan to spend your night in Badian, you still have enough time to travel back to Cebu City during the day.

Fare for Air-Conditioned Ceres Bus is only 170 Php and is very comfortable. There will be stops along the route where the drivers allow the passengers for bathroom breaks. Also, there will be vendors at the stops, so if you are hungry, you can have something to eat during the long travel.

Important Tip: Want to enjoy the best view during the travel? Sit on the right side of the Bus. You will enjoy  the best view of the mountains and the sea on this side 🙂

Kawasan Falls Main Road Entrance

The good thing about the travel Kawasan Falls adventure is that it is very convenient and accessible to the public. Once you arrive at Badian, remind the Bus conductor to stop at Sto. Tomas De Villanueva Parish, which is the landmark beside the Entrance to Kawasan Falls just on the Main Road.

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The Road to Kawasan Falls

From the main road entrance, you will have to take a 15 to 20 minute walk where you also have to pay 45 Php for the Admission Fee. Along the road you will then see beautiful flowing river and wonderful views that will lead you to the falls. The road is safe and easy since usually there are a lot of people you’re gonna walk with and it is usually crowded. Thus it is not a problem for young kids and the elderly to walk here during the daytime. You have to be more careful though especially when its getting dark as there are only limited lights along this road.

Authorized vehicles like the Habal-habal (Motorcycle) can take you further beyond this point but only halfway through the trail. You will have to walk another 5-10 mins to reach the Falls.
River from the Falls will be visible and will guide you through along the trail.

Arriving in Kawasan Falls

When you arrive in Kawasan Falls, you will see tents and cottages for rent just near the water. The also have lockers where you can put all your belongings,  rooms to spend the night, swimming accessories, all for rent. If you are hungry, they also have cafeteria where you can buy food, snacks, and drinks. Their meals usually cost about 180 Php (good for two people) but you can always ask for half serving. Price range for snacks and drinks would be about 40 Php to 150 Php range. 

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There are 3 Waterfalls, or should we say, Levels in Kawasan. The 1st one is the lowest area where most of the people will stay. If you go further to the 2nd and 3rd levels, you will still have nice views and nice waters and it will be less crowded in these areas. Just be careful when going up or down the levels, the ground and trail could get slippery due to the water and mud, especially when its raining.

The first level of the Kawasan Falls
The first level of the Kawasan Falls
Tents and Cottages are available upon arrival.

Some images of the upper levels belos:

Spending the Night in Kawasan Falls

If you also wish to spend the night here, they have available big rooms for families (4 to 5 people) and smaller rooms (good for 2). Air-conditioned rooms and ordinary rooms are available (with ceiling fans). I spent the night there for 1000 Php using the small room. Normal price for good-for-2 rooms is 1300 but I managed to convince them for a lower price since I was alone during this trip. The rooms has enough space, large bed and a table but it doesn’t have a window and the bathroom is shared to other rooms.

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Tip: They will allow you to dip into the water and take a bath during nighttime but only on the shallow areas and near the lights where the guards and caretakers can see you.

You can also find rooms along the main road in Badian. Some even cheaper, I’ve known people who found rooms for rent for just 250Php, but this is a shared room with other people and the beds are bunk type.

Going back to Cebu City

Once you are done with your Kawasan experience, you can just return to the main road and wait for a passing bus on route north back to Cebu City with the “CEBU” sign in the windshield. I asked the locals and they said that the last hours to find a Bus returning to Cebu in the evening is about 7PM to 8PM. To be sure, if you want to return to Cebu within your day trip, be sure to catch a bus before sundown.






World Big 4 Resort and Zaragosa Island – Badian, Cebu

ScreenHunter_120 Jun. 11 21.20
Route to Badian and Zaragosa Island.

We just spent the company’s Team building outing at Badian, Cebu for 2 days and 1 night. We have some exciting things from our itinerary but I didn’t expect it to be much more. We

had a transport service (Van) rented for a 3 hour ride from Cebu City to Badian and vice versa. For me, everything is new as we travel towards Badian. Seeing all the great views from the windows and having some fun conversations with your colleagues is what makes these long rides awesome.


We arrived at the place where we got to spend the night, The World Big 4 Golf Club and Resort. The place was beautiful and serene. Entering the place you could see a beautiful sight of the beach and the sea down below.



From Below.
IMG_2869 (1).jpg
The Pool and the Suite Rooms


We were about 30+ people in all so we had to rent the biggest suite rooms available. Their rooms were large, had enough space for all our things and most importantly, the bathrooms were clean and they had tubs, which was nice.

Inside the Suite room. The room connects to the next one as seen by the door on the far end.

During our stay we had to go to Zaragosa Island, which was actually the most exciting part of the itinerary, for me. The only way to go there was through rented boats. The thing is, we only rented 1 available boat. The good news is that it could accommodate all of us in one go but the boat has no outrigger, which was worrying to be quite honest, but the weather was good enough and we were able to go to Zaragoza Island with no problems at all. It was fun.


The boat we rented.

After all the fun and moments at Zaragoza, the trip back to mainland was actually one of my all time favorites. We had to take a much closer and different route. It happens to be going through a mangrove forest. I was sitting at the back end of the boat so I was in a very nice position to see it all. It was overwhelmingly beautiful.


At the end of the trail was where the boats are docked but apparently, there was a pool in there, I can see there was a cottage as well so people actually take a bath in there. So, It was a good idea to hop in after all the fun we had at the Island. The perfect refresher we all needed.


We finished the whole Team Building Activities the next day saying everything was definitely worth it. The place, the activities, the food, the fun we shared, everything was fulfilling. I’m really thankful for everyone for the preparation and the people organizing this event after all the stresses at work. Definitely a true weekend adventure.

These were the highlight of the whole trip that I could  share. Have you every tried something like this before? Have you ever been to this World Big 4 Resort and Zaragosa Island? Share your experience below! Thank you for reading this article.

Mactan Island Hopping Escapade – Cebu

As part of the yearly tradition, Our company has something special for us for our summer outing: an island hopping experience at the Mactan Islands.

ScreenHunter_115 May. 19 22.09
The islands we visited: Sta. Rosa Islands, Sulpa Island and the Pandanon Island.

Everything was arranged by our HR manager, from expenses, renting of the two boats we used (we were about 50~60 people) and the lunch. So I didn’t really mind of all of these and just focused on enjoying the experience. It was a very exciting day from the start, at least for me since it was my first time to really hop on different islands. I think the only experience near to this was my previous visits at our own White Island in Camiguin.

Our first stop was supposed to be at Sta. Rosa Island but the tide was very low. The boat crew suggested that we proceed to Sulpa Island immediately to save time and come back later when the tide rises.

We arrived at Sulpa Island lateScreenHunter_112 May. 19 21.57r and our boat only had to set anchor near its shallow waters. I actually thought that we would set foot on the islands. I was able to enjoy the view and we swam across the boats for fun but other than that, that was it. Its has been a while that I’ve tested my cardio swimming for a long time. The current was really strong but we still did it. It was challenging and I really enjoyed it. I’ve done it almost everyday way back early high school days.

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The main highlight of the three was definitely Pandanon Island.

ScreenHunter_113 May. 19 21.58

Looking at its white sandy beach and the coconut trees I already found similarities with Mantigue Island at Camiguin but the long stretch of the white sand was like the White Island, so it was a little bit of both, which was beautiful.


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We hIMG_2306ad our lunch at one of these floating restaurants which was a very unique and new experience for me. After a long, enjoyable morning for swimming we were definitely hungry and the food was great. Definitely gave us a full and satisfied stomach.

We then returned to Sta. Rosa Island but this time we did something different. The water was still shallow enough to stand on it so we looked for any sea urchins. We found a few including a big starfish. it’s been a while since I’ve done these things.

We went back to the docks as it was getting late. To end the day, we went to the recently talked about new places in Cordova, the 10,000 Roses Cafe. Took a few pictures and videos of the beautiful white roses, dancing freely in the wind with the setting sun in the background. The place was indeed beautiful, much more when the roses was finally lighted up. I really recommend visiting the place, but worth noting is the the sea breeze brings this bad odor from somewhere. I don’t know where its from, maybe some near area, or from the dirty sea itself. Its tolerable, but you’ll know when you go there.


Then that was it. They dropped me off in the highway near the old bridge. I was so tired but overall it was a damn great day. I immediately passed out when I got home and to my bed.

For all of you who haven’t tried Island hopping in the Mactan Islands, It was a really great first-time experience. I know there are more islands that we could have visited but simply we didn’t have the time to go through all of the wonderful islands there. It would take a few days to totally enjoy all of it but still, It was a memorable summer escapade.

Osmeña Peak – Dalaguete, Cebu

To travelers who are planning to go to the Queen City of the South, Osmeña Peak should definitely be a part of you itinerary. What great accomplishment would it be if you have been to the highest point of land in the entire island of Cebu, right?

Osmeña Peak is well known for travelers in Cebu mainly due to its popularity as the highest peak in Cebu at about a kilometer above sea level. Also,  it is located at the south,  where all other famous tourist destinations are located. So aside from having great experiences swimming at the beach with the Whale Sharks at Oslob or paddling the bamboo rafts and enjoying the cold turquoise waters of the Kawasan Falls, you could have a more complete experience by going hiking in the highest peak of all Cebu, away from all the watery wonders the island has to offer.


ScreenHunter_126 Jul. 02 19.26O-Peak is located at Dalaguete which is south from Cebu City so you have to take the South Bus Terminal. Bus trip to O-Peak usually takes about 2 hours or more so I suggest that you go there very early between 1am to 4am (just to be sure) if you want to catch the sunrise to fully enjoy the experience. For more details, you can refer to their official site by clicking on this link:  South Bus Terminal Schedules

Outside the resort waiting for a ride.

For our experience, we stayed in this beach resort called Dakong Bato Beach and Leisure Resort the night before our planned hiking. If you are in a similar situation, you also need to wake up early at about 4 am. It took us some time to catch a ride and only Sikad/Tricycles or habal-habal rides are your options.

So either of the two options, you can stop at the Dalaguete Public Market cause the Habal-habal drivers are there early waiting for travelers. Each habal-habal can ride 2 people and they charged us 100 Pesos per head. There is no regulated amount so you have to negotiate with the drivers.

It would take about 15-30 minutes to arrive at the Osmeña Peak entrance and registration area from the Public Market and it is a uphill ride. You would notice the sudden change of temperature as you go up in altitude, yes,  its early in the morning and its gonna be real cold. Keep in mind that the habal-habal drivers would also wait for you at the area after they drop you so they could take you back at the public market.

At the entrance you have to fill up the registration logbook before they would let you pass. They will charge you about 30 Pesos per head. You can also spend the night at Osmena Peak provided you have your own tent. They will charge you 50 Pesos for that. There is an open space just below the last hill where people usually camp.

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From there you could have a 30 minute to an hour of hiking until you reach the highest point. Frankly, it is an easy uphill hike. I would recommend this for first time hikers or trekkers. There is also a guide with you during the trip so you will not be lost.


One thing I remember is that there are limited trees to see in the area as you hike, its just an open grassland as you go on the hills. Its truly beautiful. Along the way there are certain places where you could stop for some quick Instagram shots, but remember to always be careful as you could easily fall off the edge if you are not.

93Once you arrive at the top of the last hill,  you are in the topmost area of all Cebu. It is surrounded by all these tall green grasses, open fresh air and the view of the hills and mountains just below the horizon, and to see all of that around you with the sunrise is a truly amazing experience. From there you could pose for pictures at these awesome rock formations at the edge of the cliff. You just have to be careful.


You can even meet unexpected friends along the way.

Your guide would take you back to the registration are soon after. They would offer no charge for the guide, but you could also give a tip if you want, your call. Then the waiting habal-habal drivers would soon take you back to the marketplace terminal then that would be the end of your Osmeña Peak adventure. You could always ride a bus by the highway to wherever your next destination would be.

Dahilayan Forest Park – Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Dahilayan Forest Park was one of the places that I am glad I experienced with my family and to stay there overnight makes it more exciting. Going there was very convenient thanks to Magnum Express @ Limketkai Mall. For those without vehicles, you can reserve seats at Magnum Express Shuttle. They have vehicles coming up at 9am daily from their station at Limketkai Mall and going back to cdo at 4:30pm so going back and forth is very convenient.

We reserved for a Forest View Room (Good for 4 persons) which I think was one of best spots you could choose. You would get like a 270 degree, overlooking view of the whole area. The room also has a good wifi connection and Cable TV reception.

The view from the Family Room Terrace.

Spending the night there was totally peaceful. You would get overwhelmed by the sound of nature. You would see the clear night sky, the forest vanishes completely, and the outline of the mountains is very clear due to the illumination of the moonlight and the stars. I would imagine if there was a full moon It would be much more beautiful. A view you don’t see often living in the city.

Waking up in the morning you would be greeted by this cold, fresh air as you open the curtains. Take a deep breath as you see the sunlight hit the trees below. Waiting for you at the restaurant is a free meal for the family. The menu isn’t as expensive as I thought it would be. The food is actually good too.


Now we have a full day for exploring and the first place we went to is the park. The best part of this place are the tall trees surrounding you.


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